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About Us

We started MetalSign Center in the small town of San Antonio, Texas. We was using a plasma CNC machine in my welding shop and used it to make my first sign — a monogram sign for our parents house. 

Other family members saw the sign and wanted one of their own. So, in my spare time we made enough signs at our welding shop and took them to local festivals - and sold all of them.

As with many great companies, this side passion of mine has become the main focus of the company. After encouragement from customers and family members we decided to offer these to the public with the same quality workmanship as the signs we was selling at county fairs and local festivals.

We've made improvements and updated some equipment. Our team now cuts all our signs with high-quality Laser machines using high-quality American steel. All made by our family for your family.

That's a little of the story on how we got started. Let us know if you have any questions about MetalSign Center or our products. And thank you for all of your support as we continue to grow!

Happy Shopping!